Parash Hall Rules, Usage and Related Fees


St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church & School Congregation (“St. Nikola”), as part of its mission to provide hospitality to the Serbian Orthodox community, offers its Parish Hall for use by St. Nikola Members/Stewards  and parishioners in good standing or a member in good standing of any of the South East Wisconsin Serbian Orthodox churches . Since we are a Serbian Orthodox Christian, pro-life, family-oriented entity, we reserve the right to deny or cancel any usage agreement with any individual or group that intends to use the Parish Hall to promote or espouse beliefs that contradict the basic tenets of our Serbian Orthodox faith. Users shall take all means necessary to respect the solemnity of the church area adjacent to the Parish Hall and to not allow any act, music performance, or other event that would interfere with any church service or would be inappropriate for a Christian facility. The Parish Hall (both large and small halls combined) is available for use for receptions, parties, or other events with occupancy up to 300.
The following are rules to make your event at our Parish Hall run as smoothly as possible. These rules are established for your benefit so that the usage date, including set-up and decorating of the Parish Hall, are carried out without any problems. These rules are also to ensure that the Parish Hall is not damaged in any way. If you are unsure of any of these rules, please ask for clarification at the time the usage agreement is signed.

Up to 220 guests in large hall; 80 guests in small hall
Facility Usage – includes large and small Parish halls, vestibule and bathrooms.
For large and small hall, vestibule and bathrooms
$600 Parishioners in good standing
$400 Member/Stewards in good standing.
$150.00 Dacas for Members/Stewards
$400.00 Dacas for Parishioners
$400.00 security deposit for Members/Stewards
$600.00 security deposit for Parishioners
Facility usage for large hall only, vestibule and bathrooms.
$400 Parishioners in good standing.
$300 Member/Stewards in good standing.
$150.00 for Dacas for members/Stewards.
$300.00 for Dacas for Parishioners in good standing.
$300.00 security deposit for Members/Stewards
$400.00 security deposit for Parishioners
Facility Usage of small Parish hall only, vestibule and bathrooms
$200.00 parishioners in good standing.
$100 Member/Stewards in good standing.
Members Dacas  – donation to St. Nikola.
Parishioners Dacas -$100.00.
$100.00 security deposit for Members/Stewards
$200.00 security deposit for Parishioners
Additional $200 will be charged to non St. Nikola members or parishioners but members in good standing of other South East Wisconsin Serbian Orthodox churches.

Should the User want to serve beverages (including but not limited to alcohol) and use the refreshments area. A charge of $50 is added if only one hall is used for Members/Stewards and $100.00 for Parishioners. User must set-up own dispensing area and arrange to bring in all beverages for event.  

The usage of the kitchen or food service must be negotiated with St. Nikola Circle of  Sisters.
No outside cooking or grilling is allowed on the parish grounds.
Janitorial/Custodial services can be negotiated separately.
Hall Security Deposit
$1,000 for weddings in addition of hall usage fee.
For Pavilion/Pecara/bathrooms
$150.00 Members/Stewards
$300.00 Parishioners
$100.00 security deposit for Members/Stewards
$200.00 security deposit for Parishioners
Pecara only:
$50.00 for Members/Stewards
$100.00 for Parishioners
Same security deposit as above
Pavilion & Bathrooms only:
$100.00 for Members/Stewards
$200.00 for Parishioners
Same security deposit as above
All scheduling shall be done through Aleksandar Nikolic, who can be reached by calling 414-476-2876. No contract can be confirmed until a complete User Agreement has been submitted, approved and payment as set forth therein has been received. Each user shall pay one half (½) of the user fee and the full security deposit upon execution of the User Agreement. The balance of the user and other fees shall be paid no later than 14 days prior to the date of use. In case of cancelation of more than 14 days only 10% of user fee will be forfeited and the rest returned including 100% of security deposit. In case of cancelation of less the 14 days before the event, all user fees will be forfeited and only the security deposit will be returned. The security
deposit shall be returned within thirty (14) working days from the date of use provided the premises are returned in the same condition as when agreement was signed, the user has abided by the terms of the rental user agreement, and all other sums due by the user have been paid to the parish.
All user agreements shall be on a first-come, first-served basis, and will be accepted up to twelve (12) months prior to the event.
Certain dates are blocked out for Parish hall use due to the Orthodox Church Calendar and Parish needs/uses.
If the usage occurs during a period of fasting of the Orthodox Christian Church, the User will not be allowed to serve non-fasting foods (meat, eggs, dairy) at the event.
As the Parish Hall exists for the benefit the of Members/Stewards and parishioners in good standing of the St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church & School Congregation, active parishioners are given a discount to the fees, as shown above. To receive the discount, the event must be for the direct benefit of the active parishioner or his or her household members, up to 18 years of age or a full time student, and no other beneficiary.
Special requests will be handled on individual base by the sitting church board.
An active parishioner is one who is:
1) A Member/Steward of the Parish;
2) Actively participates in the liturgical/sacramental life of the Parish (as determined by the Parish Priest);
3) Returns God’s gifts to the Parish through stewardship donations of time, talent and/or treasure.
4) A member in good standing of any of the SE Wisconsin Serbian Orthodox churches.
Music must stop at midnight, according to City of Cudahy ordinance.
In general, usage starting periods vary, but facility must be vacated by 1:00am. At the time the Usage Agreement is completed, the beginning time and ending time of the event must be fixed.
Doors must be unlocked but closed during the usage, City of Cudahy fire code, and must be locked after usage.
Windows must remain closed; this is a residential neighborhood and we must respect their right to quiet.
User agreements are for the St Nikola parish facilities only. No use of any other areas or outside the building is
allowed (church and rectory). The user shall take all reasonable means to ensure guests and children stay
within the user areas and respect the surrounding residential neighborhood. Food and beverage consumption
may not extend beyond the Parish Hall. Young children must be under the direct supervision of an adult 18 years of age or older.
The Parish Large Hall is a smoke free area. Smoking is permitted in the small hall. Smoking is not allowed in front of the doors of the church or the stairs leading up to the church. The user will take all means necessary to enforce the parish’s smoking rules and shall ensure that the Parish Large Hall remains a smoke free facility throughout the term of the user’s occupancy under the terms of the usage agreement. Any damages caused by smoking in the facilities will be deducted from the security deposit as specified in the usage agreement.
In setting up and cleaning up, tables and chairs are to be lifted, not dragged, across the floor to and from their storage place, to avoid damage to the floor. Chairs should be stacked with a maximum of eight per stack.
Misuse of tables, chairs (i.e. standing on them, dancing on them, etc.), and other equipment is not permitted.
The replacement cost will be charged to the user for damage to, or destruction of, furniture or equipment.
Time allowed for decorating is considered a courtesy beyond the usage period and must be done when there is no other conflict in scheduling. If no other event is scheduled, the user may decorate the space the evening before or during the day before their event is scheduled. This must be cleared with the hall Administrator at least three days prior to the event.
Furniture shall not be removed from the facility at any time, doors shall not be propped open or the exits blocked in any way, fire extinguishers remain accessible as this is in violation of the City of Cudahy Fire Codes.
The areas are part of a complex that contains a Serbian Orthodox Church. No religious ceremonies, other than those of the Orthodox Christian Faith, may be performed in the Parish Hall or any part of the St. Nikola grounds. Users shall take all means necessary to respect the solemnity of the church adjacent to the Parish Hall and to not allow any act, music, performance or other event that would interfere with any church service or would be inappropriate for a Christian facility. Reasonable music volume levels must be maintained.
Requests for lowering the volume must be complied with given the residential neighborhood surroundings.
The following are prohibited from the facility at any time: unauthorized intoxicants, illegal drugs, firearms, pyrotechnics/fireworks, flammable materials, gambling, animals (except guide dogs), or media that is inappropriate for a Serbian Orthodox facility.
Authorized representatives of St. Nikola and/or on-duty peace officer shall have the right to gain access to the premises for administration of the user Agreement and/or law enforcement purposes.

Table and freestanding decorations are encouraged. Nothing may be placed on the walls, crossbeams, doors or windows. No tape, fasteners, nails, screws, glue, glitter, pins, bubbles, items hanging from the ceiling or sprinkler heads or other materials which may deface room surfaces. No construction or painting of decorations on the parish property is allowed. Likewise, confetti is not allowed on parish property. No tape, wax, sawdust, silicone powder, etc. is to be used on the floors. Candles or open flames are not allowed. Decorative votive candles or tapered candles are allowed as long as they are placed in fire retardant containers. Sterna burners for chafing dishes are allowed to be used as long as proper precautions are taken.
Lights and speakers for bands and sound systems shall be freestanding and placed away from walls and ceiling. Band or sound system personnel should inspect the area well in advance of the event to ensure proper power supplies are available for their equipment. No special effects, such as pyrotechnics, flash pots, fog machines or other such equipment shall be used.
Extension cords must be rated to carry the load for which they will be used. It is not permitted to tape cords to the floor. An entry mat will be provided to cover cords in the event they must be traversed. Users are to supply their own ladders when decorating. All decorations and effects are to be removed from the facility upon the completion of the event.

Please view the facility in advance of your event to determine what materials you may need to bring. Usage of the facility includes the use of our round and rectangular tables and chairs. Our janitorial staff will supply trash cans, dry mops, wet mops, buckets and bathroom paper and hand washing supplies. The user must supply their own supplies for use in kitchen, unless the KSS is engaged. This includes but it is not limited to, dish washing soap, linen towels, paper products, and take home food containers and such.
We cannot guarantee that there will be a working parish sound system, but the user is welcome to use it if it is operational. The Parish Hall sound system is designed for the hall space only and must be set up for use by parish personnel. In no way is our sound system to be used by a band or DJ, e.g., as an additional amplifier.

Based on the law of the State of Wisconsin, no person under 21 years of age shall be served, furnished, or consume alcoholic beverage on the parish grounds. Alcoholic beverages shall not be served after 11:30 p.m. nor consumed after midnight. In any case, the last call will be made one-half hour before the ending time of the user agreement.
No intoxicated person shall be served or provided with any alcoholic beverage. Checking the ID of anyone who appears to be younger than 25 years of age is the responsibility of the user.
Authorized representatives of the Parish or on-duty peace officer shall have the right to gain access to the premises.

All beverages shall be served in aluminum cans or plastic containers only.
Glassware may be employed at dinners, but should be removed from tables before dancing/entertainment begins.

The facility must be left in the condition it was prior to usage, in accordance with the user agreement or the security deposit may not be returned in full. Any repairs required as a result of the event, missing items or unusual cleanup which exceed the security deposit, will be billed to the user.

“Clean-up” of areas includes the small and large halls (if both used), bar area (if used), restrooms, hallways and outside of the building. Litter found outdoors (such as loose papers, paper cups, plastic cups, cigarette butts, cans, etc.) related to the event must be picked up and disposed of. Garbage (including bathroom wastebaskets) must be properly bagged and deposited in the outside dumpster.
An additional $60.00 will be assessed for overflow garbage requiring another pick-up.

The above is not an exhaustive list of rules for the use of our Parish Hall and St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church reserves the right to add additional rules/regulations that have not been detailed in this document. These rules are intended and meant to protect this fantastic asset, our Parish Hall, which the Members and parishioners of St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church have established and maintained for the Serbian Orthodox Church. In short, we expect that common sense should guide your use of our Parish Hall.
If you have any questions concerning these rules, please contact the church president or vice-president in change of hall rentals.

St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church
3802 East Squire Avenue
Cudahy, WI 53110